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Epic Engineering Disasters

Campers will explore historical engineering disasters, from collapsing buildings like the Fidenae stadium and bridges like the Tay Bridge Tacoma Narrows Bridge, to sinking ships like the Titanic.  They will build various structures to discover what went wrong and design and test solutions! 


Some of the disaster covered in this camp are: Colossus of Rhodes, Fidenae stadium, tower of Pisa, Tacoma bridge, Exxon oil spill, city group skyscraper, Titanic, wigs of Icarus.


This camp is a lot of hands on fun!


​​Campers will rotate through four stations each day (Science, Engineering/technology, Art & Personal exploration). Our camp focuses not only on STEAM, but also teaches soft skills, such as public speaking, teamwork, communication, creativity and problem solving.

On the last day of camp, campers will watch a fun movie related to theme of the week.