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Have you always wanted to attend Hogwarts, discover wand lore, brew fantastical potions? Then this camp is for you! 

Experience a week-long journey filled with magic as you create three different wands, duel witches and wizards, compete for the coveted "house cup", brew various potions such as glow in the dark slime to amortentia, design and build broomsticks, unlock the secret recipe for butterbeer, code a wand, and other crafts. We anxiously await your owl to discover the magic of STEAM! 

Campers will rotate through four stations each day (Science, Engineering/technology, Art & Personal exploration). Our camp focuses not only on STEAM, but also teaches soft skills, such as public speaking, teamwork, communication, creativity and problem solving.

On the last day of camp, campers will watch a fun movie related to theme of the week.