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Get ready to step into a time machine and travel back more than 65 million years to take a peek at some of the most amazing creatures to walk the face of the Earth: dinosaurs! Using your paleontology skills you and your fellow campers will discover what these prehistoric animals looked like, how they behaved, and so much more.  Expect to participate in activities such as fossil making, coprolite study, dino eggs, and tons of fun art projects, experiments, and games.   To name a few activities: Buried treasures aka fossils, Skeleton Match, Coprolite study,What’s for dinner? Body heat, Egg hunt, Modeling, Solar ovens, Glue Resist Dino art, Predator Vs Prey Volcano chase, Solar playdough Dinosaurs, Egg comparison lab, Meteorite blast, What’s in a name? and lots of other fun art projects and games. We have over 45 fun activities awaiting your young paleontologists curiosity. 

Campers will rotate through four stations each day (Science, Engineering/technology, Art & Personal exploration). Our camp focuses not only on STEAM, but also teaches soft skills, such as public speaking, teamwork, communication, creativity and problem solving.

On the last day of camp, campers will watch a fun movie related to theme of the week.